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Marriage of Edmund Etherington & Dinah Farley

Edmund Etherington and Dinah Farley, my husband’s great-great grandparents, were married 30 Oct 1808 in Hambledon, Surrey.

Though the entry is for Edmund Herrington, the family went by Etherington so this is either a change in name or a spelling error. It also says that both parties were from “this parish” and though Dinah was born close by, Edmund was from Sussex.

On census records, Dinah is consistently shown as being born in Chiddingfold, Surrey about 1789. There is a Dinah Farley christened in Chiddingfold on 7 June 1789. She was the daughter of Edward and Mary Farley and was a middle child of their ten children. The others were: Mary (1778), John (1780), Edward (1783), James (1785), William (1787), Charlotte (1791),  Jane (1793), Frances (1796), and Hannah (1798).  I have been unable to find her parents marriage or any sign of most of her brothers and sisters. A Jane Farley married William Hawkins in Chiddingfold on 12 June 1815 but then the trail disappears. The youngest, Hannah, died at age 17 and was buried in Chiddingfold on 21 May 1816. 

According to census records, Edmund Etherington was born in Lurgashall, Sussex about 1788. A birth record for him in Lurgashall parish records has not been found by me or other researchers. His death records in 1875 indicate that he was 87 which supports his birth being about 1787 or 1788.  On the 1841 Census, a William and Elizabeth Etherington aged 75 and 70 are shown living nearby to Edmund and Dinah in Lurgashall. Could these be his parents?

There also is a record of an Edmund Herrington christened at Eartham, Sussex on 12 September 1788. That child was the son of John and Mary Herrington. I have not seen this record myself but  others have referred to it on Ancestry. If this is a record of his birth than this would suggest that Herrington on his marriage record was his correct name and that he later changed it.

Edmund and Dinah must have had a busy life as they had at least 16 children. The children were christened at different churches indicating that the family may have moved around in their early years of marriage before settling in Lurgashall. Edmund was a farmer. On the 1841 Census, they are shown living in Lurgashall at Windfallwood Common. They then moved to a property called Sibs Farm in Lurgashall as shown on the 1851,  1861 and 1871 Censuses.

Their first two children were christened in Farnhurst, Sussex: Francis on 19 Feb 1809 and Charlotte on 14 Jan 1810. They took their next son back to Dinah’s home church and had William (b. 23 Nov 1811) christened on 8 Dec 1811 at St. Peter’s, Chiddingfold, Surrey. A son, Edmund, born about 1813 in Tillington, Sussex is shown living with them on the 1861 Census but I have not found corresponding christening record for him. Mary and James were both christened 1 Oct 1815 in Tillington, Sussex. All the rest of their children were christened in Lurgashall, Sussex: Charles on 19 Oct 1817, Diana on 23 Jul 1820, George on  16 Jun 1822, Henry on 30 Nov 1823, Edward on 23 Oct 1825, John on 21 Jan 1827, Harriet on 12 Apr 1829, Thomas on 17 Apr 1831, Jane on 11 Aug 1833, and Noah on 16 Oct 1836.

Dinah died on 13 August 1867 at the age of 78 and Edmund died on 5 January 1875 at age 87. They are both buried in Lurgashall.

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